About us

We are a Brazilian company with 20 years of experience prepared to present global solutions in exportation. Our operation is based in Itajaí – Santa Catarina, Brazil and Hangzhou - Zhejiang Province, China.





We are always keeping up with market trends and looking for new business opportunities to offer quality products at competitive prices and trustworthiness to our customers.Our focus is on serving small and medium buyers where we have direct sales from certified suppliers.



GSE also exports products from Brasil, Argentina, Uruguai, USA, Spain, Turkey to several markets. Meet the board of directors who are ready to serve you:


Florianópolis – Brazil

Julio Négri
Sales Director


Itajaí – Brazil

Ligerson Castilho
Logistics and Distribution Director


Valencia – Spain

Adrián Acevedo


Hangzhou – China

David Zhao
Sales Manager


Worldwide Operation

Itajaí, Brazil Headquarter


GSE Brazil Headquarter



Hangzhou, China Headquarter


GSE Hangzhou Headquarter