Our Services

Services to Asian Companies Seeking for products in Brazil

Sourcing, Manufacturing and Fullfilment

Wholesale Product Seeker

We will help you find and procure the goods that you are looking for. Our local experienced product seeker team will source directly from local suppliers for your needs.

Supplier Wholesale Price Negotiation

Not only we help you find the products, we also help to negotiate the best wholesale prices and MOQ for your Business needs. The more volumes, the cheaper the goods are.


Once suppliers and factories have been determined, assembly and quality control to ensure your product is manufactured as intended.


We know how to strategically and efficiently get your product into your customers’ hands without cutting into your bottom line.


Export Services

Quality Check & Inspection

Doing Quality Control & Inspection for your products are not hard at all. We do it all the time and we are experienced in doing customized inspections in various kind of goods.

Upfront All-In Estimate Cost 

We will calculate all your Export Cost upfront so that you won’t have to worry about hidden fees.


Private Label

You can benefit of private labelling  through  creating a branded product, without investing into all too much time and money in product development